Greeting, welcome to College of Dentistry, University of Sulaimani. Thank you for visiting our college. College of Dentistry is an excellent choice to attain your dental education and prepare for a successful career.
In seven departments within the basic and clinical sciences of our college; we have set out with a strong academic staff, each having competence, contemporary knowledge and skills, research abilities. We are constantly growing and strengthening with our new academic members of the college. Our students take theoretical courses and practical training from our experienced academic staff that provides a contemporary preclinical education to gain knowledge and skill to treat patients clinically. They also have the advantage of taking the theoretical and practical basic medical sciences courses from valuable academic staff of Sulaimani University.
In our college, clinical education starts in the fourth year. Our clinical training program is intensively carried out in the last two years and multidisciplinary clinical training is given in the fifth year to prepare our students for their professional life. Our College also includes seminar halls, library, operating room as well as dental clinics equipped with various dental units, equipment and materials to provide contemporary dental education and patient service.
We are also proud to offer postgraduate programme in all fields and clinical dental specialties as continuous education program to enhance clinical skills of our dentist and provide up to date dental science through research. Furthermore, our college with collaboration of Sulaimani University publishes Sulaimani Dental Journal which is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific dental journal dedicated to the dissemination of new knowledge and information on all sciences relevant to dentistry, the oral cavity and associated structures in health and disease.
To engage with the professional and wider community, our college regularly organizes a variety of knowledge exchange activities. Both the college and the communities served benefit immensely through these interactive functions. We are determined and committed to bring our College of Dentistry to the highest academic level by integrating with the presidency of Sulaimani University and Ministry of Higher Education that prioritize contemporary education, research and scientific development, and support success.
Our job is to work together to develop future academic and community leaders, who have the confidence, capabilities, and ethical decision-making skills to improve the oral and general health of our communities.


Ranjdar Mahmood Osman Talabani

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