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About the Department:
Department of Periodontology is one of the important departments in the school providing the following functions:
  1. Teaching 4th and 5th year students by presenting lectures and seminars.
  2. Practical training of the students in the clinics.
  3. Patients motivation and education plus wide variety of periodontal treatments.       

The department deals with etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases. It provides variety of treatment modalities to the patients with periodontal diseases, these treatments including increasing patient’s educational level by informing the patients about the nature of periodontal diseases, how it starts and progress by showing the patient educational photographs and movie in order to make the patient familiar with the consequences of the disease and the negative effect of the disease on human health if the disease left untreated. The department offer different treatment modalities starting from oral hygiene instruction, motivation and scaling and polishing to most advanced surgical and non surgical interventions and finally following health maintenance of the patients that had been treated in the department.