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Basic Sciences

About the Department:

 The department of Dental Basic Sciences deals with the sciences that are basic to learn Dentistry, preparing students for professional subjects in the

 last 2 years of their college life. The subjects of this department are mainly studied in the first, second and the third year of study in the college. Most 

of the subjects have both theory and practice lectures, but some of them are only theory courses.

      First year subjects consist of:

  1. Kurdish language

  2. Clinical Oriented Anatomy: Which deals with the basics of human anatomy

  3. Computer Sciences: Which is providing the basics of computer science to students including Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft office.

  4. Physics: Which is dealing with medical physics

  5. Chemistry: Which is dealing with Organic chemistry

  6. Biology: Which is dealing with the basics of Biology

Second year subjects will make the students more prepare for the upcoming years, the subjects in this class are in general deals with the

head and 
neck region:

  1. General Histology: Which is dealing with the nature of tissues in human body

  2. Physiology: Which is dealing with the function of human organs and tissues

  3. Human Anatomy: Which is dealing with the anatomy of Head and Neck region

  4. Biochemistry: Dealing with the vital molecules, like Vitamins, Hormones, Amino acids, and so on.

  5. Oral Histology: Which is dealing with the development, structure, and functions of the oral tissues.

Third year subjects:

  1. Microbiology: Which is dealing microorganisms and their importance to dentistry like Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi.

  2. General Surgery: Which learns the students the basics of surgery.

  3. Pharmacology: Which is the science of drugs specially those important to dentistry.

  4. General Medicine: Which is dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are of importance and related to dentistry like heart

  5. Community Medicine: dealing with health care issues affecting communities as a whole and includes Bio-statistics.

  6. General Pathology: The science of the causes and effects of diseases.