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posted Apr 23, 2017, 3:43 PM by College of Dentistry   [ updated Apr 23, 2017, 3:44 PM ]
لە زنجيرة ورك شوپةكاني كوليجي پزيشكي ددان وپةرستاري و دةرمانسازيروژي١٨/٤/٢٠١٧ لة كوليجي پةرستاري بةريوة چوو بة ناونيشانةكاني
all of our respected academic staff are invited to participate in Series NO. 2 workshop:
workshop (Series NO.2) in corporation with the colleges of Nursing & Pharmacy, will be on Tuesday, 18-4-2017, at the College of Nursing, 9:00 am. The theme of the workshop will focus on: * Sterilisation and infection control in health practice. * Demonstration on autoclave maintenance by a bioengineer. Note: 1. Registration at the hall (free) 2. A coffee break included 3. You will receive your (Series NO.1) certificate. 4. TQA credits = 2 active point ( approved by University TQA). 4. all participant will get a certificate.