Periodontics Department

Periodontics Department

Periodontal Department is one of the branches in the College of Dentistry at Sulaimani University that provide periodontal services. It provides research facilities and a modern learning environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, which includes: comprehensive educational training, and consulting services based on academic foundations and scientific evidence to achieve the highest quality standards for patients and students trainees. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the tissues that support and surround the teeth and their substitutes. Periodontal therapy aims to preserve and maintain periodontal health, esthetics, and function of the natural dentition and implanted tooth. Biofilm-induced periodontal diseases are mixed infections caused by relatively specific groups of oral bacteria. Historically, periodontal disease has been the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. A new frontier is emerging in the field of periodontics that will require a change in paradigm as to how dental and medical fields perceive the importance of diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. It has been established that periodontal disease is a potential risk factor for heart attack, stroke, and glycemic control in diabetic patient, low birth weight in babies, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This branch comprises the following treatments, as follows:

1. Patient motivation and oral hygiene instructions.

2. Scaling and polishing

3. Root surface debridement

4. Gingival surgeries

5. Periodontal plastic surgeries

6. Hard tissue surgeries

7. Guided tissue and guided bone regeneration

8. Tooth splinting

9. Lip repositioning

10. Root amputation and tooth hemisection

11. Dental implant