Laboratory & Clinics

 1. Prosthodontics Lab 

   A- (Teaching), Prosthodontics lab (ideal case) Two branches:

  • Complete Denture: Stage 2

  • Partial Denture: Stage 3

   B- Training Lab, real case for the patient Stage (4 ,5)

  2. Orthodontics Lab 

   A- (Teaching) for 4th stage student, (removable orthodontics appliances)

   B- (Training) for 5th stage, real cases

  3. Operative Lab

   A- (Teaching Lab), Phantom lab, 3rd stage,  Teaching filling 

   B- (Teaching Lab), Crown and Bridge, 3rd stage,  Teaching crown and bridge


  4. Oral Pathology Lab

    A- (Teaching): undergraduate, slides test microscopic

   B- (Training): Real cases,  for Postgraduate study (PhD, M. S.c)